Simple Affordable Digital Experiences, Powered by WordPress and Mautic

Engage customers with world-class digital experiences. Stackk comes with Managed WordPress and integrated Marketing Suite powered by Mautic. Manage your own Branding with white labeled Stackk.

Powered by Open Source and hosted on AWS to deliver simple, affordable and world-class digital experiences.


 Free Forever. No credit card.

Managed WordPress + Mautic

Works out of the box

Subscribe. That’s it! – Your WordPress that is super-charged with full marketing suite works out of the box.
Ready to Use

Your Stackk is instantly provisioned and pre-configured so that you can start using it right away.

Custom Domain & Free SSL

All your Stackk pages are 100% SSL by default including on your custom domain.

Automated Backups

We automatically backup your site every day and retain your backup for 14 days.

Secure by Design

Stackk is architected for security at multiple levels from SSL on the client side to isolation at the application and database levels.

100% SSL by default
Free SSL
Application & DB Isolation
WordPress level security tools
Runs on AWS infrastructure
Automated Backups

Built for Performance & Scale

Stackk is built from the ground up on AWS public cloud for superior performance and cloud scale.
Stackk is Built for Performance & Scale
High performance architecture
Designed for cloud scale
Built on cutting-edge cloud technology
Security built in to the platform
Auto scales as you grow
Multi-level caching for speed

Built-in SEO & Social Media

Your WordPress on Stackk, combined with Marketing Automation Suite is packed with SEO & Social Media features.

Your WordPress on Stackk is packed with SEO features – helping you automatically optimize your content for Search Engines. Let the world discover your awesome site or blog.

Social Media

Take full advantage of Social Media to grow your audience and improve your digital presence. Help users share your content, monitor Twitter activity and remarket to your audience.

Lead Capture

Integrate lead capture from Facebook Ads directly into your Stackk. That way you get complete view of your leads whether they come directly or through Facebook Ads.

Integrated Core Marketing

What is your content worth if you cannot market, measure and engage? Here are some features that form the foundation of your Stackk Marketing Suite that is powered by Mautic.


Built into your Stackk content by default.

Geo IP

Your visitor data is automatically augmented with geo location data.


Organize your audience the way you want to engage.

Progressive Profiling

It’s lot easier to gather complete customer profile over time.


Use 'dynamic content' to personalize engagement across channels.


Want to retarget? Just include the tracking ID in pre-installed plugin.

Landing Pages that Convert

Create Landing Pages either in WordPress or Standalone in Mautic Marketing Suite. Analyze, A/B Test your content to optimize for conversion.
Stackk helps you create Landing Pages that convert

Automated Lead Management

Manage your leads end-to-end in the Integrated Marketing Suite. You can design a process that can auto-qualify from Captured Leads to Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) to Sale Qualified Leads (SQL).
Lead Scoring

Easily prioritize your leads with configurable lead scoring. Scoring can be based on behavioral, demographic or technographic data.

Lead Nurturing

Engage your leads either for qualification or for moving them through the funnel. Create campaigns that align with your sales cycle.

Progressive Profiling

Improve your conversion by asking for important information that you don't have yet. No need to overwhelm your customer with long forms.

Multi-Channel Engagement

Automate personalized messages to your audience through multiple channels - including email, social, SMS, mobile or directly on the web - all in the same simple, visual campaign workflow tool.


Including drip email campaigns that map to customer journey.

Push Notifications

Automated Desktop and Mobile Push notifications.


Twilio, Exotel, TextLocal or any other vendor you choose.

Focus Items

Engagement popups and forms that nudge customers to act.

Social Media

Engage users on Twitter directly from the Marketing Suite.


Configure your remarketing pixels with a click and remarket to your visitors.

Journey Mapping

Create engaging experiences through out the customer journey across channels.

Visual Journey Designer
Automated Engagement
Targeted Messaging
Cross Channel Engagement
Track Performance
Optimize based on Interaction

Email & Marketing Automation

Integrate your email communication with Automated Campaigns, Segments and Cross-Channel Engagement to deliver perfect messages at perfect times. Nurturing, Engaging and Winning your customers has never been easier.
Email Automation

Open Platform

Stackk is built on Open Source, will always preserve data compatibility and you can always export data. We take pride in keeping the Stackk platform Open.
Open Source

We built Stackk platform on Open Source Software so that it’s easier for you to learn and use the product. Why reinvent when you can put already popular products on steroids?

Data Compatibility

While we make Open Source Products easier to use, we always keep the core data compatible with original Open Source Product so that you always have choices.

Import, Export

You are free to export your data or import data from your current instance to Stackk. We love keeping the platform Interoperable – true to the spirit of Open Source.

Easy Integrations

Extend Stackk platform to get more value for your business. Here are some integrations that are pre-built into the platform.

Web and Marketing Integrated and Simplified.

Free Forever. No credit card required.