At Stackk, we are passionate about Open Source and Cloud.

We are big fans of Open Source Software, particularly WordPress and Mautic. We are also experts at cloud infrastructure and love architecting applications for scale

We started using WordPress for our Blog and then for other content, SEO and content marketing. As our traffic and visitors kept increasing, we wanted to add additional Marketing capabilities to our WordPress instance so that we can always engage our audience, prospects and customers.

We came across Mautic when we were looking for the Marketing platform. Mautic was open source and thus, was affordable. It has an amazing set of features - we could not find some of those even with some of the high-end marketing automation solutions. We just fell in love with Mautic and have been using it since then.

There was one thing in common between deploying WordPress and deploying Mautic – it takes a lot of time and engineering resources to make it work every time. With our expertise, we started helping our friends with WordPress and Mautic.

Then, many of us wanted deeper Marketing integration for WordPress – after all, what is your content worth if it cannot acquire customers for you? if it cannot engage your audience? So, we built integration – in way that works for everyone; in a way that is affordable for everyone.

That is how Stackk is born

  1. A managed WordPress hosting platform
  2. That has a complete Marketing Suite
  3. That deeply integrates WordPress and the Marketing Suite
  4. That runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud
  5. That is elastic, that is architected for cloud scale

With Stackk, now, you can get your WordPress with integrated Marketing Suite up and running in minutes. We even dare to offer a ‘Free Forever’ plan. Go grow your business