Is credit card required to sign up for Free Forever plan?
No. Free Forever plan is truly free forever. We do not ask take your credit card information when you sign up for Free Forever plan.
Do I need to pay upfront for the whole year when I choose annual payment?
Yes. Choosing annual payment method offers a good discount over monthly payment and does require upfront payment for the year.


Will the free plan remain free forever?
Yes. We intend to keep ‘free forever’ – well – free forever.
What is the difference between Free and Full Featured plans?

At a high level, Free Forever plans are designed so that you can experience Stackk offerings, host a personal site / blog. Free plans are not apt for advanced business usage. You will be able build out most of your site, marketing plan on free plan – you can upgrade to Full Featured plans only when you are ready. We have plans that fit various sizes so that you only pay more when you use more, grow more.

Here is the detailed comparison of Free vs. Full Featured plans.

What is the difference between various Full Featured plans?
All Full Featured plans have same features – the only difference is in the level of usage. The more visitors you have, the more contacts you have – you choose a higher plan. It’s that simple.
How do you measure usage? What is a visit? What is a contact?

We measure your plan usage on few metrics:

  • Visits: Visit is a single continuous browsing session by a user irrespective how many pages she visits on your site during that session.
  • Contacts: We measure the number of active contact records that are stored in your database. Any inactive, deleted contacts do not count towards your plan usage.

These are the two primary metrics that define usage of your plan. In addition, bandwidth used for serving your content and storage used for your files is subject to fair usage policy.

Can I change the plan any time? How does billing work when I change the plan?

Yes. You can change your plan any time.

When you cancel your plan or when you downgrade to a free plan, there will be no refunds.

When you change your plan from one paid plan to another paid plan, we will pro-rate your charges – you will pay the difference if it is an upgrade or you will have a credit in your account for future use if it is a downgrade.

What happens when I go over the plan usage limits?
When you go over your current plan usage limits, you will be required to upgrade to a higher plan. Don’t worry – we’ll remind you when you need to upgrade.
How often do your plans, pricing change?
Our plans and pricing may change anytime without notice. However, if you already have an active subscription, we will keep you on your plan as long as you are an active subscriber.
Why do you not mention pricing per user?
That’s because we do not charge you more when you have more users. We want you to have as many users as you need to be successful.
Can I try a product for free before subscribing?
With a recent change in plans, we no longer offer free trials. Instead, we offer a ‘free forever’ plan which allows you to experience and use the product as long as you’d like.
I need multiple sites, blogs. Do I need multiple subscriptions?
Yes. We keep it simple. One account can have one WordPress site. We do not currently support multi-site options.


Why do you require ‘free forever’ plan users to login at least once in every 30 days?
It takes enormous resources to offer ‘free forever’ plan to thousands of customers across the world. By requiring login every 30 days, we can make sure that the platform you love and use every day is not being penalized by abandoned accounts that no one needs.
What happens when I am on the ‘free forever’ plan and do not login for more than 30 days?

When an account is on (a) ‘free forever’ plan and (b) the admin has not logged in for more than 30 days – we consider those accounts to be abandoned accounts.

Those abandoned accounts will be deleted. In some cases, at Stackk’s discretion, we may keep those accounts live and support those through advertising.

How much bandwidth and storage is included in my plan?

In general, we’d like you to have as much bandwidth and storage as you need to serve the number of visits that are allowed in your plan.

To prevent rare abuse of platform resources, bandwidth and storage limits are subject to Stackk’s fair usage policy – which – most of you would never have to think about.

What is fair usage policy?

Most of you would not have to worry about this. Stackk’s fair usage policy is designed to prevent abuse of Stackk resources.

We’d like to have our customers use as much server storage and as much bandwidth as required to serve the number of visitors that are chosen in our plans. However, there may be cases where some sites use disproportionately high storage and bandwidth for same number of visitors – for example, a site that only streams videos and nothing else would be consuming disproportionately higher resources. To prevent such abuses, we define what we consider to be fair use of bandwidth and storage.

Plan Storage Bandwidth
Free Forever 5 GB 20 GB
Bronze 10 GB 40 GB
Silver 25 GB 100 GB
Gold 45 GB 180 GB
Platinum 80 GB 320 GB
Titanium 150 GB 600 GB
Palladium 200 GB 800 GB

Any site that exceeds these fair usage limits is expected to upgrade to a higher plan.


Am I locked into Stackk platform? What if I want to switch?
Not at all. While we deliver improved experiences on top of the open source platform, we keep data formats compliant and interoperable with original software. For example, if you want to move from Stackk to self-hosted WordPress, all you to do is export data from Stackk and import it to your self-hosted WordPress.
Why do I have to bring my own Email and SMS services? Why are those not included in the plan?

The most important factor in delivering email to customers is your account reputation. By bringing your own Email and SMS – you will be in control of your reputation.

Stackk works with multiple email providers such as Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) which offer 62,000 free emails per month.

Some of our customers prefer using plain old Gmail and we support Gmail too.

Do you offer domain services?
No. We do not offer domain services.
Can I install any themes or plugins that I want?

You can install any theme or plugin depending on your plan – as long as that theme or plugin is secure.

All plans allow you to install themes of your choice.

In order for you to install plugins, you need to be on one of the paid plans. We do not allow plugin install if you are on a free plan.

In addition, any theme or plugin you install will be scanned for your own security. Most themes and plugins will pass this security check. In rare cases where the theme or plugin fails the security check – we consider those to be unsafe and as a result do not allow installation of such themes and plugins.

As with anything Stackk, you can reach out to us if you have any trouble.

Can I set a custom domain for my WordPress site or blog?
Yes. You will be able to point your WordPress site to a custom domain of your choice with auto-installed SSL if you subscribe to one of the paid plan. This feature is not available with free plans.