Landing Pages

Build Landing Pages and acquire customers with Stackk’s Marketing Suite. Build it with visual builder or from scratch with HTML. Analyze and A/B Test to optimize your pages.

Build Landing Pages with Stackk

Build Your Way

Stackk lets you build your landing pages the way you want – use existing templates, write custom code or just use a drag-and-drop designer.

Quickly build your landing pages with templates and customization.

Custom Code

Write HTML code or import complete web pages with custom code option.

Drag & Drop Editor

Use the drag and drop editor either to create from scratch or edit templates.

Dynamic Personalized Content

dynamic content snippets to personalize parts of the page based on parameters you choose.
Dynamic Personalized Content

A/B Testing

Test your content – version A vs. version B or even multi-variate testing – and choose the best landing page that drives results.
AB Test Your Landing Pages
A/B Testing
Multi-variate Testing
Choose traffic weight
Choose winning criteria
Schedule end date
Analyze results

Integrate Forms

What are Landing Pages worth without Form integrations? Integrate Stackk Forms easily with Landing Pages to collect data, acquire new customers and more.
Integrate Forms into Pages

With Stackk, experience the power of Landing Pages.

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