Marketing Automation

Make it easy to run your marketing. Stackk's automation goes beyond email. With marketing automation, you can use each customer's behavior to personalize communication across channels such as Email, SMS and Browser Notifications.

Marketing Automation

Convert More

Convert more visitors to leads and more leads to customers with Marketing Automation.
Forms, Focus Items

Nudge visitors to sign up or subscribe to newsletter or use Forms to convert to customers.

Lead Nurturing

Nurture leads, visitors at every step of the way with personalized communication.

Automated Campaigns

Design cross channel campaigns to engage customers across various channels.

Manage Leads, Audience

Manage your leads end-to-end in the integrated Marketing Suite. You can design a process that can auto-qualify leads from capture to Marketing Qualification (MQL) to Sale Qualification (SQL).
Lead Nurturing

Engage your leads either for qualification or to move them through the funnel. Create nurture campaigns that align with your sales cycle.

Lead Scoring

Easily prioritize your leads with configurable lead scoring. Scoring can be based on behavioral, demographic or technographic data.


Organize your contacts into segments so you can optimize lead management, personalize engagement and improve conversion.

Detailed Interaction Timelines

to understand how customers are interacting with your content, emails and other engagement channels? Stackk’s Integrated Marketing Suite captures interaction details on a timeline.
Detailed Interactions on a Timeline

Multi-Channel Engagement

Automate personalized messages to your audience through multiple channels - including email, social, SMS, mobile or directly on the web - all in the same simple, visual campaign workflow tool.


Including drip email campaigns that map to customer journey.

Push Notifications

Automated Desktop and Mobile Push notifications.


Twilio, Exotel, TextLocal or any other vendor you choose.

Focus Items

Engagement popups and forms that nudge customers to act.

Social Media

Engage users on Twitter directly from the Marketing Suite.


Configure your remarketing pixels with a click and remarket to your visitors.


Segment your contacts for personalization, for running automated campaigns, for mapping journeys. Stackk’s powerful segmentation engine (powered by Mautic) gives you finest level of control.
Segmentation Helps You Personalize Your Automation
Unlimited segmentation
More than 20 filters
Dynamic segment builder
Segment based personalization
Cross channel communication
Analytics by segment

Campaign Automation

Use visual campaign builder, triggered actions, scheduled emails on customer segments to engage your customers across various communication channels.

Visual campaign builder
Automated Engagement
Cross channel
Targeted messaging
Interaction triggers


Stackk’s analytics, campaign interaction metrics and segment level data help you optimize your engagement without any external tools.

Measure visit analytics to understand customer behavior on web pages.

Segment Data

Aggregate data for each segment to improve targeting and personalization.

Campaign Interactions

User to campaign interaction history helps you fine tune your marketing.

Automate your Marketing with Stackk.

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