Ready to Use

Your Stackk is instantly provisioned and pre-configured so that you can start using it right away. Of course, you can always change things the way you want.

Your Stackk is Instantly Available!

Instant Setup

We just set everything up with the click of that ‘SIGNUP’ button so that you don’t have to worry about database setup, data seeding, configuration, installation and whole bunch of other things you normally do. Just remember to configure your email server and custom domain if you choose to. That’s it – you are ready to use your WordPress that is super-charged with full marketing suite.

Your Managed WordPress and Marketing Suite are Setup Instantly!
Your Managed WordPress and Marketing Suite are Fully Managed by Stackk!

Fully Managed

Your Stackk subscription comes with fully managed WordPress and fully managed Marketing Automation suite. You just have to focus on running your business, blog or site; NOT on running WordPress.

Your instance is automatically tuned for higher performance, designed for scalability at any level, secured from threats and a lot more.

Pre-Installed, Pre-Configured Plugins

We know the basics of delivering content for the web and why you develop that content. With that in mind, we install few plugins that make your life easy, integrate the content deeply with your Marketing Automation suite and configure all of this in the most meaningful way possible.

Want to tune it to your needs? You got the control – just go for it.

Plugins are pre-installed and pre-configured
Import data from your current instance easily!

Import Friendly

We build your Stackk instance on top of open source WordPress and Mautic – while we do enhance your experience we will always make your data compatible with open source versions. That way you can always import and export data.

Got a current installation? Just export data and import it seamlessly to your Stackk instance. Need help? Just ask us.

100% SSL

Your Stackk always runs on SSL - that's just the right way to do it. We provision SSL for default Stackk URL and also for your custom domain.
Running your content on SSL means increased sales, conversions and a higher level of confidence from your visitors. There are many other benefits from SSL as well, such as HTTP/2, SEO ranking factor benefits, and more.

Stackk runs on 100% SSL by default
Automatic Backup on all paid plans

Automatic Backup

We backup your site content and data once every day. Should the worst happen you’ll be able to reinstate your site from the backup. We retain your backup for 14 days.

Backup available only in paid subscription plans.

Stackk sets up WordPress and Marketing Suite instantly.

Free Forever. No credit card required.