Secure by Design

Stackk is architected for security at multiple levels - from SSL on the client side to isolation at the application level and isolation at the database level. We constantly monitor your site, have policy based access and designed our AWS VPC for utmost security.

Stackk is Secure by Design!

WordPress Security

We secure your WordPress instance even when we set it up. That way, it’s secure by default.
WordPress Application Secured
Secure HTTP headers
Restrict open_basedir
XML-RPC security
Spam control
XSS prevention
Audited for OWASP Top 10

100% SSL Encrypted

All your Stackk pages are 100% SSL by default. Whether it’s default URL or custom domain based URL, all your content automatically runs on SSL.

We create SSL certificates, install those and serve entire traffic on SSL. All you got to do is setup CNAME on your domain whenever you want to run your Stackk on custom domain.

Not just that. Your SSL certificates are automatically renewed.

Your Content on Stackk is 100% SSL Encrypted

Complete Isolation

Your WordPress and Mautic instances are isolated for security at multiple levels.

Your instances are isolated at the application level with open_basedir restrictions.


You bring your own SMTP so that your reputation is isolated for your own benefit.


Your application has its own isolated database on Stackk with separate authentication.

Stackk Security is Backed by Automated Backup

Automatic Backup

We backup your site content and data once every day. Should the worst happen you’ll be able to reinstate your site from the backup. We retain your backup for 14 days.

Backup available only in paid subscription plans.

With Stackk, your site and digital experiences are secure.

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