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Take full advantage of Social Media to grow your audience and improve your digital presence. Build your social media presence, help users share your content, monitor Twitter activity, capture leads from Facebook Ads and remarket to your audience on social channels through easily integrated tracking pixels.

SEO benefits are built into Stackk

Social Sharing

The more users share your content, the more audience you reach and the better it is for your SEO. Your WordPress automatically comes with social sharing buttons so that you can increase content sharing and your SEO rankings.

Social Sharing Buttons

Facebook Lead Integration

Integrate Facebook Advertising with Stackk to push leads from Facebook Campaigns directly into Stackk. Once you have leads in Stackk, you can engage, nurture, score, qualify etc. – possibilities are endless.
Integrate Leads from Facebook
Tweet Channel

Tweet Channel

Engage your audience on Twitter just like you would engage them on other channels such as Email and SMS. Personalization, Segmentation, Campaign Automation – all that applies to Tweet channel just like any other channel.

Social Monitoring

Monitor tweets with either Hashtag or Twitter Mention. It’s also possible to add contacts using Twitter and then engage users directly on Twitter.

Monitor Twitter

Social Login for Data Collection

Creating forms for customer data collection? Just configure that form to use Social login buttons so that you can capture customer data with one click of a button. Prospects are more likely to share details if it was as easy as one click sharing.
Use Social Login in Forms


Easily incorporate tracking pixels into your site without any coding, run remarketing campaigns in favorite channels such as Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter and Quora.
Easily Drop Pixels & Remarket

Social Media integration built into Stackk.

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